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RAW Integrates Apple’s Live Activities To Boost Engagement

RAW is leveraging Apple’s Live Activities feature in an innovative way, by prompting its users to share live photos at random times each day to boost engagement.

RAW’s unconventional use of Live Activities could set a new standard in the online dating industry to enhance how immediate and authentic the user experience feels on dating platforms.

Live Activities, introduced by Apple with the iOS 16 release, offers real-time updates directly on the iPhone lock screen. Despite its potential, its adoption has been sluggish in various sectors, including online dating apps.

As a dating app committed to authenticity, RAW offers a refreshing departure from the curated profiles and superficial interactions that plague many dating platforms.

Founded by a female-led team, RAW prioritizes identity verification and unfiltered selfies to foster genuine connections. This commitment to authenticity sets RAW apart in an industry often characterized by fakeness.

The app’s integration of Live Activities introduces a dynamic element to the user experience, by prompting users to take part in live spontaneous photo-sharing events occurring throughout the day.

These events create moments of collective participation similar to social gatherings, and cultivate a digital atmosphere where users feel connected in ways that extend beyond just profiles and messages.

Moreover, by incentivizing users to share their real-time selfies with profile boosts, RAW not only enhances user visibility but also gamifies the concept for better engagement rates.

In demonstrating the versatility and untapped possibilities of Live Activities, the impact of RAW’s original approach may extend beyond its own platform to potentially influence how other dating apps engage their users.

You can find out more about RAW on its website here.

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