New Dating Tool Designed By Therapists Prioritises Mental Health

A new dating tool designed by therapists in Atlanta encourages users to prioritise their mental health and build healthy relationship habits through therapy-backed courses. 

Founded by Aaron and Abby Larner, Green Flag seeks to educate daters to get to know both themselves and their relationship style, nurturing their own ‘Green Flags’ before entering into future partnerships. 

Designed by relationship experts and therapists, the Green Flag courses use a range of interactive exercises, lessons and advice to cover topics ranging from communication styles and conflict resolution to intimacy and building trust. 

Green Flag’s current concept encourages users to work through an initial assessment and free introductory courses, ultimately forming a unique profile of their own research-backed compatibility traits including communication style and dating approach. While Green Flag does not yet have its own app format, users are encouraged to port the shareable dating profile generated through completing the programme onto other dating apps, building connections with like-minded potential partners who share similar profiles. 

“I’m personally looking for a long-term relationship, and I have also spent time in therapy. And what I started to realise is that the lessons I was learning in therapy about myself, reflecting on myself, reflecting on my experiences, tactical things I had done, were actually improving my dating life,” said Green Flag co-founder Abby Larner in an interview with GPB’s Peter Biello.

“It was helping me be more intentional about the way I approach dating, and I sort of saw that as an opportunity to help other people,” she added. 

Alongside its online offering, Green Flag will also host in-person events to connect those who have completed the programme. The first ‘Green Flag Challenge’ will run in Atlanta from the 9th June to 22nd June 2024, with an in-person event exclusively for participants concluding the challenge.

Find out more about Green Flag here. 

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