Survey Reveals Interesting Impact of Elections on Dating for QuackQuack Users

A survey conducted by India’s most popular dating app, QuackQuack, has shone a light on the implications of politics on dating. 

The survey studied the effects of the Lok Sabha 2024 Election on Indian daters and their dating patterns, including the influence of politics on matches, traffic patterns to the app on voting days, and whether the app saw a surge of election-related discussions. 

Speaking about the survey, QuackQuack’s Founder and CEO, Ravi Mittal, said: “We have started seeing new trends on our app since the start of this year’s elections. The understanding and impact of politics among Indian youth are very prominent; in fact, there’s a notable difference in traffic on the app on polling days. In the past month, the most used words among users of our app have been ‘vote,’ ‘elections,’ and ‘development.’ This awareness among youth is a welcome change.”

Shift in political awareness

QuackQuack observed an almost 35% increase in elections-related conversations on the app in 2024 compared to the previous five years. 17% of the app’s users reported unmatching due to conflicting opinions around political ideologies, reflecting a cultural shift described by QuackQuack as one “where politics is not just a background noise but is constantly becoming one of the major topics of discussion among online dates.”

Relationships shaped by political belief

Data from the QuackQuack survey shows a distinct leaning towards harmonious political opinions for users, with 12% of daters over 30 saying that their match’s stance on politics plays a significant role in shaping the relationship and in forming first impressions of a potential partner. The survey also suggests that people with a similar political outlook don’t only tend to match, but notably stay together longer than those with conflicting political opinions too. 

Polling days bring dating lulls

Data on user engagement was found to show a noticeable dip in logins on polling days in the particular city recorded, with the survey deducting that users were spending time casting their votes and focusing on election-related updates, rather than on the app. 

Messaging sees post-polling flurries 

While the number of users dipped on polling day, QuackQuack reports a significant increase in interactions the day after polling. According to the survey, 15% of respondents confirmed that the conversation revolved primarily around the political situation, voting experience, and their expected outcomes of the elections. The dating app suggests this spike in messages shows the influence of elections on dating, acting as a catalyst for match interactions and becoming a focal point of conversations.

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