QuackQuack Debuts Human Matchmaker Model for Smoother Dating Experience

Desi dating app, QuackQuack, has launched its latest initiative, the Human Matchmaker Model, designed to offer what the app describes as “the smoothest and most successful dating experience ever.” 

The new feature combines cutting-edge technology and human expertise to help paid users of the app utilise tips, tricks and more comprehensive support to attract more successful matches and enjoy a better dating experience.

QuackQuack Founder and Ceo, Ravi Mittal, commented: “We currently have over 3 crore people on our app, and every component of this model is crafted with our users’ concerns and feedback in mind. From hand holding our paid subscribers for better and successful matches to dating tips from dating experts, this new model will offer an enhanced dating experience. We are planning offline events like mixers, and the advantages of availing it will be even greater.”

The new Human Matchmaker Model will incorporate six core features: 

Profile Maker

Using tips backed by extensive research, QuackQuack’s Human Matchmaker Model will help paid users craft a more engaging and appealing profile. From writing a compelling bio to picking the right profile picture, the technology will allow users to optimise their profile to attract more matches. 

Online and Offline Dating Tips

Paid users of the app will benefit from a dating expert in their pocket, with the Human Matchmaker Model delivering detailed dating tips for both online and offline dating. The model will assist users in initiating conversation, advise them on the best time to use the app for the best results, and offer guidance on how to date and interact safely. The features reflect a recent survey by QuackQuack showing around 44% of users are concerned about safety, with 26% of daters admitting they are hesitant to approach potential matches. 

Personalised Match Suggestions 

The Human Matchmaker Model will live up to its matchmaker name with a feature that sees users paired based on their likes, interests and preferences. The model will use data to suggest more compatible matches, increasing the likelihood of users finding a genuine connection.

Customised Messages

With research suggesting that a simple ‘Hi’ often isn’t enough to elicit a meaningful reply or start a conversation, QuackQuack has introduced customised messages to help break down the barrier for users uncertain about starting a conversation. The app’s Human Matchmaker Model will use its knowledge of successful ice breakers to help users craft personalised opening messages that are proven to get more responses. 

Profile Analysis

A new profile analysis feature will see experts analyse interactions with your profile, offering guidance on how to interpret the way someone has interacted and how best to proceed going forward. QuackQuack hopes the feature will help users make more informed decisions on their dating journey.

First Priority for Matchmaking Events 

QuackQuack announced plans to launch exclusive matchmaking events and paid users of the Human Matchmaking Model are to be given priority access and free tickets to the events, offering users more opportunities to meet potential matches face-to-face.

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