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Social Discovery Group Launches Kiseki

Social Discovery Group has officially launched Kiseki, a new dating platform in Japan. Designed for singles seeking international connection and romance, this platform marks the company’s further expansion into the Japanese market.

Now operating over 70 different brands and serving 500 million users around the world, Social Discovery Group has strengthened its positioning in Japan with the launch of Kiseki. The newly launched platform enables users to form ‘borderless connections’, bringing together users from over 40 countries and breaking down geographical boundaries.

To help foster these global connections, Kiseki provides AI-powered real time translation services. This enables singles to chat, share photos, and send virtual gifts without having to worry about a language barrier.

“Today marks an exciting milestone for Social Discovery Group as we proudly announce our expansion into the Japanese market with the launch of Kiseki. This strategic move not only reflects our commitment to global growth but also nuderscores our dedication to fostering meaningful connections in every corner of the world,” said Kenta Hara, CEO of Kiseki. 

“We are thrilled to bring the innovative Kiseki platform to Japan, offering users a unique and enriching social discovery experience tailored to their cultural preferences. We look forward to shaping the future of social discovery in Japan and beyond”, they added.

Social Discovery Group is working at the intersection of dating, social, and entertainment. The core brands in its portfolio – including, DateMyAge, and Dil Mil – available in over 150 countries. 

The company has seen significant growth in the last year, including:

  • $400 million in revenue
  • 62 million new users across its portfolio
  • 27 billion (+1.5 billion YoY) messages sent by users among their apps
  • 13.5 million (+500,000 YoY) new matches across apps
  • 1 million (+450,000 YoY) couples maintaining online relationships
  •  59,130,084,532 (+9 billion YoY) photos and videos sent by users
  • 3,222,993 (+1.3 million YoY) video dates provided

“Our commitment to innovation has propelled us to new heights in the social discovery industry. We have not only surpassed our business objectives, but also cemented our position as a leader in the industry. With unwavering determination and a clear vision for the future, we are poised to continue our upward trajectory and shape the landscape of social discovery for years to come,” said Dmitry Volkov, CEO of Social Discovery Group.

Find out more about Kiseki on its website here, and check out the Social Discovery Group website here.

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