Slide – Romanian Dating App Eyes International Expansion

Slide is a Romanian dating app that connects singles through video reels, astrology, and filtered swiping. In a new interview, the platform’s founders discussed its origins and next steps.

A recent report from Business Review highlights that Slide’s core mechanic, video reels, was inspired by TikTok. The benefit being that users will be able to “see in real time videos from their potential partner’s life, thus offering a unique perspective and closer to reality”, it explained.

Mugur Frunzetti, one of the leaders behind the platform, shared that “We are aware that online dating can sometimes be a frustrating and an unrealistic experience. With Slide, we set out to change this perception, offering our users the possibility to connect in a more authentic and relevant way”.

Frunzetti shared that in his experience with online dating, he’s encountered over-edited and filtered photos.

“For this reason, we decided to be different and to focus on some functions that retain the originality of users, such as Reels, that we transformed in a new way to swipe”, he explained. This solves issues of catfishing or discrepancies between online and offline appearance.

With a video-focused mode, “you can also see the video reels of the person you like, offers the chance to see original, unedited content, and even a bit of the users’ personality, reflected in movements and words”, he added.

In terms of its business expansion, Frunzetti told the publication that “Being Romanians, we decided to launch the app first in Romania, where we will confirm the superior experience offered to users, we will adapt to their feedback and after 2-3 months we will expand to over 65 countries”.

Slide was initially formed through a €500,000 investment, “but the founders will invest additional sums for international expansion”, Business Review reported.

Read Business Review’s full interview with Slide here, and check out Slide’s website here.

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