Feeld Adds Celibacy as New Desire Option

Feeld, the dating app for the curious, now allows Members to choose celibacy as a Desire on their profile. This new feature will help communicate their preferences around intimacy to potential matches, as well as find others with the same preference.

Once Members access the latest version of the Feeld app, they’ll find a new option when personalising their profile. ‘Celibate’ has been added as a potential Desire that Members can display on their profile.

“Recent conversations this week around celibacy have revealed the role it plays in people’s lives and how this choice can be perceived. With that, Feeld has always been about exploring yourself beyond external expectations. It’s about having breathing room to change, evolve, and grow into your you-est you”, the platform shared.

It highlighted that for many, celibacy is a way to connect more deeply with themselves and others.

“At Feeld, we believe people unlock people, meaning whom we encounter in our lives (even on an app) can help us more intimately understand ourselves. It’s simple, connecting with others and sex can be mutually exclusive, period. We don’t believe in gatekeeping sexuality or writing our people’s stories, because everyone deserves the freedom to discover themselves – on their own terms”, shares Nyomi Warren, Lead Brand Designer at Feeld (also an active Feeld Member).

“Our communities on Feeld have created a special space where all journeys are welcome and valued. So whether you’re celibate now or later, we get you”, she adds.

To celebrate the addition of this new feature, Feeld will be starting discussion around the topic via social media and through out-of-home (OOH) placements. The new feature and accompanying assets were created in partnership with creative agency Mojo Supermarket. 

Hailey Lawrence & KS Shanti, Associate Creative Directors at Mojo Supermarket said, “Since day one, Feeld has celebrated everyone’s unique journey. For more and more people that journey may include celibacy. And if there’s any dating platform to open its arms to those looking for intimacy in new ways, it’s going to be Feeld. We hope this filter successfully lets people know that whatever you’re into – or not into – you can find it on Feeld”.

Find out more about Feeld on its website here.

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