Muzz Releases Empowering New Ad in Pakistan

Muzz, the global platform for Muslims connections, has released a new ad which focuses on the marriage culture in Pakistan. The 1-minute video raises questions around toxic ‘rishta’ culture and promotes female empowerment. 

In the new video (shown below), Muzz highlights that traditional marriage culture in Pakistan involves matchmakers, who are often expensive. Furthermore, it points out that women are often not given the chance to choose a marriage partner based on love.

The marriage platform explained that “we’re reigniting the old conversation surrounding toxic rishta cultures in desi households, but this time, we’re flipping the script”. The ad concludes by saying that the Muzz platform is an alternative way of finding romantic partners.

“It’s time we talk about the way many women/daughters are treated in the rishta/marriage process, and how we should be listening to them and giving them more choice and more of a voice”, said Shahzad Younas, Founder & CEO of Muzz.

He stated that the new ad would be going live across TV channels in Pakistan. 

Muzz is a leading Muslim marriage app, serving over 10 million members around the world. Founded by Shahzad Younas from his home computer, the company now has over 110 employees and has created 500,000 success stories.

The platform has various features which make it valuable for the Muslim community, including unique privacy options; support groups separated by gender; filters based on sect, ethnicity, prayer behaviour; and more.

Find out more about Muzz on its website here.

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