Rater Partners with Paylode for Dating Perks

Dating app Rater has partnered with perks platform Paylode to reward its users. Rater daters will now have access to discounts on entertainment, travel, subscriptions, restaurants, and more, in return for engaging with the platform’s features.

Rater prides itself on its anti-catfishing features and promotion of good behavior. Alongside profile verification, the platform deploys public-facing ratings so daters remain informed about the people they could be matching with.

To reward app downloads, completed ratings, and more, Rater will be working with Paylode to provide users with exciting perks.

“Rater was born out of a need to cut the BS, fake profiles and the scams out of online dating”, shared Nicole Drew, CEO & Founder of Rater.

“With Rater, you know you’re engaging with real people. And we want to thank our users for always bringing their real selves, with perks”, she added. Looking ahead, the dating platform aims to integrate more perks “to make being real, real rewarding”.

Paylode specialises in helping companies launch and manage perks programs, an alternative to having to build their own. Adopting a perks program can ultimately help boost user retention, engagement, and satisfaction, as well as provide additional revenue streams to the platform.

“We’re excited to work with consumer advocates like Rater because it aligns with our goal to empower and reward users,” said Mikhail Naumov, Founder & CEO of Paylode. “We’re honored Rater has chosen us to help offer these benefits to users.”

Read the full announcement of this partnership here.

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