New Dating App Lesbos Biker Launches

A new women-only dating app has launched, and it is looking to create a community of women passionate about the biker lifestyle. The new platform – Lesbos Biker – helps users connect through video chat, forums, groups, and more.

Launched in mid-May 2024, the platform looks to connect “women who share a love for the open road, whether they ride motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, or simply enjoy the biker culture”.

Upon its release, the app allowed users to connect via video chat, group & private chat rooms, forums about the biker lifestyle, niche groups, and blogging space. “These tools provide members with numerous opportunities to share experiences, build connections, and form lasting relationships that go beyond mere matchmaking”, it shared.

“Lesbos Biker is made for women by women and is open to all women, not just bikers, seeking genuine connections with other women who truly understand them”, said Darlene Martin,founder of the platform.

“The idea emerged from the shared frustration of women who experienced the lack of inclusive options on other dating platforms. Lesbos Biker is our answer to inflated costs, fake profiles, and male-focused environments. Lesbos Biker is more than a dating site; it’s a movement”, she added.

Looking ahead, Lesbos Biker will be organising offline and online community events to provide more opportunities for this community to develop meaningful connections.

Find out more about Lesbos Biker on its website here.

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