Tinder User Creates His Own Ice-Breaker Video Game

What’s the most unique way to break the ice and tell a new match about yourself? Well one Tinder user created a 32-bit video game about what it would be like to date him, and encourages his matches to play it.

One recipient of this flirty gaming opportunity was journalist Imogen Calypso Mellor, who shared her experience on Twitter. She explained that the game lets matches customise their virtual character, before letting them play this unique game.

While playing, matches will learn about the creator’s hobbies and likes & dislikes. The game also includes a compatibility test and a slideshow of the creator’s favourite video games.

While not every individual will be able to create a full game about themselves, this story certainly shows how singles can use their talents to be creative when online dating. It could also highlight how gamified dating experiences can create a fun way of getting to know new people.

Images from @ImoMellor’s Twitter account.

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