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Social Discovery App for Teens, Wizz, Reaches 1.5 Million Daily Users

Wizz, the social discovery and media app aimed at teens has reported that it now has over 1.5 million daily users on the platform, as it launches a new ad campaign on YouTube.

The Wizz app was launched in 2019 by mobile gaming company Voodoo, and is very popular in its teen demographic. Hence the company using YouTube as a prime advertising platform. The new advert shows how Whizz can be a way for teens to find like-minded individuals, make connections, and make friends. The app boasts 16 million users and growth mainly took place during the pandemic. Naturally, a whole generation of teens have been hugely affected by a two year period of greater isolation, where school was often disrupted. The usual means of making social connections for younger people was completely turned on its head.

That’s why apps like Wizz had an opportunity to grow and make a huge difference. Jodia Renassia, head of Growth at Wizz said:

“Many of today’s teens spent as many as two of their most formative years away from friends and peers during COVID lockdown. This took a toll on their social skills and interpersonal experiences. Our goal with this ad is to show that they’re not alone–literally or figuratively–by putting a world of friends at their fingertips.”

Naturally, an app aimed at teens needs to get security and safety right – and that is one of the main focuses of wizz. It uses an automated age verification system to make sure teens and young people match with others of a similar age. Users can do extra steps to get their account verified as well. Combined with a comprehensive reporting system, Wizz aims to create an environment that any young person can make connections and friends in. 

With its focus on young people, it’s another example of how social discovery is an issue that affects people right across the spectrum of age. 

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