Finance & Investor Report: Call For Nominations

Global Dating Insights is proud to announce that it will be releasing its first ever Finance & Investor Special Report in Q4 of this year. If your dating platform has a finance whiz, monetisation maestro, or ingenious investor, get in touch now.

Every quarter, Global Dating Insights releases a special report highlighting influential individuals in various areas of the industry. For Q4 of 2023, we are splitting the report in two, shining a spotlight on finance-focused professionals as well as exciting investors.

Here are the criteria for nominations:


We are looking to highlight the work of innovative finance-focused individuals in the online dating industry. This includes anyone who has spearheaded or been involved in new monetisation strategies, payment processing, financial trust & safety, stock market developments, and acquisitions.

If you know someone who fits the bill, please nominate them for this report. 


We would love to recognise investors who provide support to businesses in the online dating industry. If you are from a dating app and want to shine a spotlight on a brilliant investor of yours, please do get in touch.

Likewise, if you are an investor that has already invested in, or is looking to invest in online dating companies, please get in touch and we’d be happy to consider you for the report.

Please send all nominations to editorial@globaldatinginsights.com

All nominations must be submitted before the 6th of November. Please note that individuals who have been featured in our previous reports this year will likely not be eligible.

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