Iris Dating Hits 2 Millions Users

Iris Dating has hit a milestone of 2 million total users. The dating platform uses AI to predict compatibility and has recently launched a selfie verification tool. 

“Iris Dating was born out of my fascination with the potential of Artificial Intelligence to understand who you find attractive.” – said Igor Khalatian, CEO and Founder of Iris.

The AI tools can continuously learn about a user’s preferences and who they’re attracted to, which results in a 40 times higher chance of finding a mutual friend compared to other apps, Iris states.

“The idea captured my imagination and I was driven to bring it to life. I wondered if I could create a dating app that could effectively build an AI clone that understood what facial features a person finds most attractive in another person – a clone that could scan a million people in minutes and zone in on the few who fit a person’s type”, he added.

“Our advanced three-phase training process uses AI to understand what you find attractive and recommend compatible partners beyond just mutual interests and proximity”, Khalatian explained.

“When you register with Iris, you undergo a unique training process. Initially, you’ll be shown random photos and asked to rate them. However, as Iris learns more about your preferences, it starts to show you photos it thinks you will like. This leads to a significant increase in the percentage of photos that you’ll find attractive. For women, the rate jumps from 3% to 55%, and for men, it increases from 10% to 85%”, he shared.

The platform introduced a mandatory selfie verification feature for profile pictures, which helps ensure that profiles are genuine. Iris Dating shares that over 300,000 potential catfishers have been blocked by the platform so far.

The platform has also incorporated ChatGPT technology to help create personalised and engaging bios for users’ profiles.

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