NEW: Stream Chat for Dating Apps

Stream Chat is on the market in a whole new way. Trusted by apps like Paired and TrueFlutter, you can now integrate our flexible chat APIs and SDKs with your dating app to develop the ultimate environment for that next love connection to be made

Stream’s chat API includes all of the dating app features your users want, plus a completely customizable UI kit that allows you to create a consistent UX. Our robust AI moderation solution keeps dating app users feeling safe and comfortable during in-app conversations. Additionally, features like read receipts keep conversations flowing, support for GIPHY and multimedia content enrich exchanges, and emojis add context to how messages are perceived. 

Stream Chat’s Global Edge Infrastructure reduces latency by up to 5x and eliminates timeout errors caused by poor WiFi or mobile connectivity, so your users won’t ever have to experience annoying lags or drops in conversations. With a 99.999% SLA uptime, messages are always delivered and offline support is available for when your users don’t want to abandon their quest to find love just because the internet is spotty.

Whether it’s about dating or technology, it’s good to test the waters – try Stream’s free 30-day trial or contact our Sales Team for more information.

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