Stream Chat: The Answer to Your Build vs. Buy Dilemma

The app market is saturated. To succeed, you not only need to set your platform apart from the competition, you need to do it faster than them, too. To deliver an in-app chat user experience on par with the most popular messengers on the market, you’ll need features, a secure connection, moderation, and low latency—does your product roadmap account for that?

If you answered no, the build vs. buy decision is an easy one to make. Integrating Stream Chat’s APIs and SDKs save valuable engineering time and resources, which means you can go to market faster while also delivering a stunning UI. Stream’s reusable components are created by developers for developers, so rest assured that our documentation is comprehensive, our tutorial library is complete, and our engineering team is available for questions. 

Learn how to revolutionize your app development process, look, and feel by integrating Stream’s ready-made chat components.

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