Introducing Sfara: The Future of Personal Safety & Dating

This article is brought to you by Sfara’s Content Partnership with Global Dating Insights. Sfara offers smartphone-based, personal safety features, providing industry-leading safety services for easy integration into your dating app.

Dating apps are increasingly feeling the pressure to better equip their users to deal with emergency situations. Bumble, Tinder, and many others have published informational guides to help users to navigate IRL dating safely. 

But what if dating apps could go one step further?

Integrating Sfara’s SDK can equip or arm dating apps users with personal safety tools that do not require extra app downloads or separate account creation. Here is how it works and how dating app developers can easily enhance and build upon the safety measures they currently provide.

Safety features for daters

There are a number of safety tools which can assist daters when they are in offline encounters and meetups. These features can be easily accessible via their dating app and provide valuable assistance in potential emergency situations through Triple-Tap™, Check-In Timer, and a manual SOS button. Let’s explore how these features work:

When daters are entering a situation where their safety may be at risk, such as an offline date, they can set a Check-In Timer. Once activated, this timer brings with it several other safety benefits.

For example, users can Triple-Tap™ to a safety agent. Sfara’s Triple-Tap™ solution means that when there are safety concerns, the individual does not need to worry about extra steps (eg. inputting their lock screen password) to seek help.

The Triple-Tap™ feature is an inconspicuous way to get a disruption or support. Users simply tap the front or back of their phones three times, even through a pocket or in a handbag compartment. 

The user will then receive a phone call from a specially-trained agent who can discreetly access the situation with the user. The safety agent’s phone call can even be used to create a disruption to an uncomfortable or escalating situation. In such an event the safety agent can work with law enforcement to dispatch a response. A manual SOS button is also available.

Another benefit of the Check-In Timer is that when it expires, a safety agent will automatically call to check in if the user has not already dismissed the timer with their PIN. If the check-in call should go unanswered local law enforcement will be notified immediately. For daters, this means there is always someone who’s got their back when they go on offline dates.

Convenience for dating app developers

While these features can enhance personal safety in a new way, what does this mean for the dating app businesses themselves?

Developers have the ability to choose the safety features they wish to integrate, while maintaining total control over the UI / UX of their app. Sfara’s safety solutions will quietly run in the background, waiting for the user to activate them through the app’s UI.

The adoption process is seamless & affordable with easy SDK + SaaS integration. Most companies can get these features up and running within 6-8 weeks.

When it comes to user privacy, sensitive personal data is always controlled by the dating app developer.

What next?

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