Integration for Enhanced Conversation – GDI New York 2024 Roundup

At the recent GDI conference in New York, attendees heard how personality-focused dating app Jigsaw had switched its user chat service to the Stream API platform to revolutionise its chat experience.

Jack Chamberlain, Jigsaw’s Engineering Manager, explained how the switch to the Stream API service was wrapped up in its move from a freemium to a ‘paid-for’ revenue model.  The move away from freemium saw Jigsaw realise an opportunity to enhance its chat feature with greater reliability and scalability. After all, while customers getting a service for free might put up with a few little inconsistencies, paying customers expect higher standards.

Providing further evidence that Global Dating Insights’ conferences are exciting opportunities for business connections, Jigsaw first came across the Stream service at our event in New York in 2023. Discussions followed, and the switch to Stream’s Chat API occurred just a few months later. 

Jack told the GDI attendees that the integration with Stream Chat was remarkably quick. “We were able to actually quickly rewrite the entire system, addressing not just its migration but also running new and old systems in parallel. The collaboration with Stream’s developers gave us a seamless process with no disruption to the user experience,” he said.

Impressively, the speed and ease of Stream SDK-driven integration meant Jigsaw reached Minimum Viable Product stage in just three weeks after commencing the switch.

According to Jack, the other standout benefit of the switch soon became apparent. “With Stream, we immediately experienced an increase in the reliability and stability of our chat platform giving us the confidence that we could also quickly deliver scalability,” he explained. 

With around 10,000 active monthly users and ambitious plans to scale, Jigsaw recognised that integrating its chat feature with the Stream platform offered opportunities to innovate its chat functionality and lay the groundwork for future developments that could further escalate its business growth.

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