NewsSocial Discovery Group Releases Innovative VR Video Chat for Immersive Connections

This article is brought to you by Social Discovery Group’s Content Partnership with Global Dating Insights. Social Discovery Group is one of the world’s largest social discovery companies, with 70+ brands, 500 million users globally, and $400M in revenue. has released an innovative new feature which takes video chat capabilities to a new level. Users with VR compatible headsets will now be able to interact in immersive 360° video chats, replicating the IRL experience in the virtual world., part of the Social Discovery Group portfolio, has opened new opportunities for immersive online connections with the launch of this new VR feature.

Users are invited to enter, where they’ll be presented with a list of available members that are free for a VR video chat, with each of them equipped with their own VR camera.

This new experience is another step forward in’s mission to connect like-minded singles across its scope of 32 countries, inspiring romance on a global scale. Regardless of distance, this new VR feature helps create that offline connection vibe where sparks can fly. Couples all over the world are already reviewing’s new feature for a chance to connect without boundaries. 

The new VR Video Chat feature in action.

User interest in VR was demonstrated in September of 2022, when created a social space in the virtual metaverse for users to explore. Several couples used it to get married and received NFT certificates, which makes their marriages official in the virtual reality world.

Previously, Social Discovery Group provided users with video chat capabilities across its portfolio of apps. The company’s video chats saw significant popularity, with over 3.2 million video dates taking place in 2023, a million more than in the previous year.

This proven demand for enhanced online communication with video streaming is clear, and Social Discovery Group is meeting this demand with its VR integration that can take video chats to a new level.

With the evolving integration of innovative technologies such as VR, Social Discovery Group looks to stay ahead of the curve and meet the evolving needs of online daters. Looking ahead, the global dating & social discovery company plans to continue exploring the potential of VR within their product ecosystem.

Social Discovery Group looks to solve the problems of loneliness and isolation with the help of digital reality. Its products include global dating sites and social & entertainment apps focusing on video streaming and AI technologies. Its products redefine the way people interact and connect with each other.

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