David Minns Launches New Site with HubPeople

David Minns has created and owns over 18 niche dating sites. However, he’s recently shared why he will be working with HubPeople for a series of new platforms, including the recently launched Orgy Dating.

David Minns has independently founded and operated dating platforms such as,,, and more. 

Working with HubPeople

Speaking with Global Dating Insights, David identified that there are several factors which mean that “owning everything directly is risky for business”:

  • “Payment providers have become more risk averse and I have recently lost one of my gateways. I operated with 3 so I had built in redundancy but this could become more of an issue over the coming years”.
  • “More legislation from the UK and international governments which may harm the business model if dating can no longer be anonymous”.
  • “Continuous threats of bad actors, malware and viruses impacting web services”.

Taking into account these factors, David shared that it “therefore makes sense to create brands on a provider like HubPeople in addition to my own to spread the risk”.

Looking ahead, David looks to create a network of dating platforms on HubPeople, some of which revolve around “far out branding and concepts”.

The launch of Orgy Dating

The first of this new network is Orgy Dating, a dating product inspired by the 1970s and the swinging lifestyle. In a survey of his existing network, David found that there was significant interest in swinging:

  • There are x4 more people interested in swinging dating than traditional dating
  • 20% globally have tried swinging
  • 44% globally would like to try swinging
  • 35% globally not interested in swinging
  • 19% of people not interested in swinging are simply too shy to try
  • 53% of swingers say it improves their existing relationship

David shared that this research signifies a clear interest in swinging, leading to the launch of Orgy Dating, with the website following his classic humorous style.

Find out more about Orgy Dating on its website here.

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