Watch: Jigsaw x Stream – GDI New York 2024 Live Interview

This article is brought to you by Stream’s Content Partnership with Global Dating Insights. Stream helps developers build engaging apps that scale to millions with performant and flexible Chat, Video, Voice, Feeds, and Moderation APIs and SDKs powered by a global edge network and enterprise-grade infrastructure.

Jack Chamberlain, Engineering Manager at Jigsaw Dating and Kenzie Wilson, Field & Event Marketing Manager at Stream discuss the limiting factors of leveraging real-time infrastructure to build chat vs. an API at GDI New York 2024.

During the thought-provoking fireside chat that explores the limitations of leveraging a real-time infrastructure solution to build in-app chat vs. an API, Jack and Kenzie delved into strategies for optimizing chat functionalities within dating applications.

Jigsaw Dating distinguishes itself with a forward-thinking platform that prioritizes genuine connections over surface-level interactions.

In a calculated move, the dating platform integrated Stream Chat capabilities, propelling its user experience to unprecedented heights. This adoption facilitated the introduction of captivating features, paving the way for sustained expansion.

Discover further insights into this dynamic collaboration in the accompanying video presentation.

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