WATCH: Michael O’Sullivan of HubPeople Talks AI, Social Discovery, and Regulation

We’re pleased to share the insights of Michael O’Sullivan, Founder of HubPeople, in this video recording from the recent Social Discovery Insights Conference in New York City. Together with Hannah Shimko, CEO of the ODDA, they discussed AI, regulation, and social discovery.

HubPeople is a leading provider of white-label dating and social discovery sites and apps, a pioneering cloud-based platform that powers thousands of social networks across the globe.  

In this panel discussion, Michael and Hannah explore a number of issues that dating & social discovery platforms face, including working within regulations, addressing romance scams, managing user privacy, and more.

The live interview also highlights generative AI, with Michael O’Sullivan sharing how it can be used to create engaging product features, but also its potential risks and the need for its responsible adoption.

Michael is well-versed in the technology after developing HubPeople.AI, which generates fully functional, best-in-class dating sites and apps within minutes from simple text prompts.

AI will connect a site/app to HubPeople’s database of over 70 million users so users can start making connections immediately, while HubPeople oversees the subscription management, product updates, security, customer care and support.

Find out more about HubPeople.AI by visiting its website here. 

Joining him in the discussion is Hannah Shimko, CEO of the Online Dating & Discovery Association (ODDA). The ODDA is the global voice of the online dating and social discovery industry. Its mission is to promote safe, responsible and enjoyable dating and social experiences for everyone.

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